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Eric Deckard or “Deck” as his friends call him wrote the Fart Tart Freddy character based on his life. Being molested at a young age made Eric feel that he wasn't good enough. He used the constant practicing of baseball to take his mind off his worries, just like Fart Tart Freddy. As a result of all of the practicing, Eric became rather good at baseball, ending up having the second highest batting average in the area his senior year in high school. Eric got his name in USA Today for top baseball players coming out of California despite being very underweight. If he's not working on his latest story "Fart Wars: Love Doesn't Stink". You can find him reading, playing softball or indulging in his extreme addiction to chocolate at one of the many restaurants in Northern California. With this book, he hopes to raise awareness and money for kids in unfortunate circumstances. He’s donating 10% of his profits to children’s charities.

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Eric would love to come read a chapter out of his book, answer any questions, and give advice on how he overcame his personal obstacles.