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Fart Tart Freddy: Fart Wars - Love Doesn't Stink

Can Fart Tart Freddy overcome his his low self-esteem and find the strength within?

On planet Uranus, the more powerful your farts are, the better. So when the greedy Emperor Ronald Rump finds out about the amazing fart-amplifying fart tart bean, he enslaves the entire kingdom where they grow.

Even smellier is his plan of vengeance for the planet Earth. Because he was kicked off of our world, the evil Emperor is building the Fart Star to ruin the entire Earth by drenching us in his stink!

Rump's army includes slimy Kim Jung Dung and Lord Fart Vapor, who is powerful in the Dark Farts and an army of Pooper Troopers, with all of their butt-zuka cannons pointed at Freddy.

It's up to this one young unlikely hero, a skinny little Fartin' Martian with a huge heart.


When Freddy is bullied on video and teased on Spacebook, he feels alone and he wishes to be someone else. However, only the real Fart Tart Freddy can save the Earth.

Journey to the moons of Uranus, where Freddy has to help the bully who stinks up the schoolyard, and to expose Emperor Dump as the biggest bully of them all.